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Resting traveler by ArtisansdAzure
Resting traveler
Custom catalog armor from 3 different armor we are selling with some pyrograved decoration on the torso and frontal tasset. The armor is made out of a mix of Vegetal 9-10 oz leather and buffalo 9-10oz leather. Everything ordered by the client was made with his ideas, specification and taste. It's always a pleasure to make dreams come true for our clients.

Weapons by Calimacil

Everything saw on this picture can be ordered at Les Artisans d'Azure.
Primal Alchemist Shaman by ArtisansdAzure
Primal Alchemist Shaman
Shaman always have some card in their sleeves to make their kind believe in what they needs. Some of them are good wiseman some other may just use their clan members as tools. We can't say how this one will turn out. But he certainly as a shady mind. This is one of our first recycled costume brought by our customer. He already as an green coat from one of is old character and asked us to make something cool with it. We added some leather on it, patina, we ripped off some parts , put some hand sewing to give an more used look to the cloth. for the leathers accessories, they are all made out of vegetal leather 5-6 oz and 9-10 oz. We can see multiple pouch and vials accessible in an pinch of time during some roleplay scenes. The bones and feathers are real. the bones have been bleached and we have put some varnish on them. We used Faux fur because it's more easier to take care of for an customer. Every part of the costume is modular and removable by straps, buckle or leather lace. 

Human part jewelry is made by La moufette Mauve
9th century leather shoe are made by Cuir FL 
Dagger by Nemesis

Everything on this picture can be purchase at Les Artisans d'Azure's store.
Primal butcher's ringmail by ArtisansdAzure
Primal butcher's ringmail
The best substitue to the chainmail might be a brigandine or a ringmail. The good point is the weight. A chainmail can be heavy but this ring mail is less than the half of an chainmail. Same as our armor this one is articulated with an awesome comfort. Client asked some fur to give an primal / tribal look to fit in his friends larping group.

All of the leather used in this order is 9-10 vegetal boiled leather. the pauldron is made out of stainless steel to fit with the rings. We used Faux fur because it's more easier to take care of for an customer.
The belt banner is made in cotton with an painted embema on it.

Everything on this picture can be ordered at Les Artisans d'Azure.
Weapon by Calimacil.
Primal Warrior by ArtisansdAzure
Primal Warrior
Beauties are not always soft and nice with people they may be fierce when they want. Her story show us to not mess with her. Full epic set made by us.

All of the leather clothing are made to be adjustable and comfortable. Some of the straps are decorative some other not. We used faux fur for the costume. Wich need less treatment and are more easy to clean out. the bolero is fix on the front. The multiple layer skirt have some lace on the side to adjust it.

The corset & bracers are fully ajustable and custom made. There is multiple way to fix it for some adjustment and comfort. Made out of boiled leather 9-10oz with some battle scar carved on it.

Weapon by Nemesis.

*Socks and the rest of the costume is own by the customer.
Bark Armor by ArtisansdAzure
Bark Armor
We really had fun making this armor , the client wished for something different from having "wood grain" armor and asked us for a "Princess Mononoke" similar hood. Design come from the client too. We made some adjustment to be possible to built it , put some extra idea in the project and voila! The torso armor is made in multiple articulation for being able to be comfortable is sitted down or during a combat scene. The pauldons are articulated too.

All of the armor is made out of 2 layer of leather , an basic one of 9-10oz vegetal leather with an wood grain carving and an second of sometime 5-6oz leather and some other time 9-10oz leather. At some point there is 3 layer of leather to give more shape , for example on the pauldrons, bracers and the front of the torso. We put some foliage on the armor to give the aspect of lichen. The idea come from one of our partnet "Creation DD" who is selling some products at our shop in Montreal. The client asked us to do the same thing but with an different material. Everything is boiled with the Artisans d'Azure secret technique.

The clothing part. There is an robe with loincloth wich we also made for her, the fur hood as said is inspired from Mononoke's one. After the picture we reduced the ears because we tought it was too much manga style. The hood is made out of faux-fur with an inner linning of real leather. Ears are made of 2 layer of leather with some fur outside. 

Weapon by Calimacil.


ArtisansdAzure's Profile Picture
Les Artisans d'Azure's FAQ
Who we are?

Artisans d'Azure is a store in Montréal,Qc in Canada who is specialized in larp accessory. Created since 2005 by Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay in Granby a small town in Quebec. He opened his store in 2009 at Montreal and have now some motivated employe at his side

And now the Artisans d'Azure's crew:

Samuel: The Owner, Leather Artisan, Pattern Designer
Maxime: Shipping and Workshop manager
Marc-André: Artistic Department, Leather/Metal Artisan, Sculptor, Deviant Art user.
Geneviève: Tailor, Leather Artisan
Steeve: Jeweler, Leather Artisan, Engineer
Stephane: Leather Artisan
Chris: Leather Artisan
J-F: Leather Artisan
Ms. Rousseau: Tailor
Sophie: Tailor

Custom Order?

Yes we do comission, custom order and else. The imagination is our limit. We do have many talent but everything come with a price. The best way to order something from "Les Artisans d'Azure" is to send us an e-mail: info(at) then ask your question, send some picture or draw of your idea , we will tell you the cost. All of our order take about 4 to 6 week because of our waiting list. We always try to satisfy the client the best way we can with your budget if the price is too high do not worry tell us what you have and want we will try to adjust your budget and idea with a fair price.

Shipping outside Canada?

Aye aye! We do ship worldwide. When someone live far away from us and is woried about his order we take some advancement picture of the project to keep you satisfy during the process.
Yup... you can find us here:
What's special? WIP picture and Finished one of some projects who may not appear on deviant art
Come see us!


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DarthX4 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Je suis curieux, parmi vos commandes, avez-vous déjà eu à bouillir et cirer du cuir?

Dans le même ordre d'idée, avez-vous eu à faire une brigandine avec du métal pour un gniste ou quiconque faisant de la reconstitution?
ArtisansdAzure Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
oui nous avons deja fait ce genre de projet par le passé a mainte reprise, nous avions également un model de brigandine avec plaque d'acier standard. Et nous avons deja fait plusieurs fois des lamellaire / brigandine / splintmail pour de la lamevive et arme de rotin. La meilleur facon de connaitre le cout d'un projet est d'envoier un courriel a avec un croquis ou photo d'un projet que tu aimerais te faire fabriqué. Avec une description des besoin de ton armure.
DarthX4 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
En fait je suis surtout curieux sur les moyennes de prix car j'hésite entre m'en faire une ou m'en faire faire une... ou me faire faire une plate auprès d'un des forgerons spécialisé, considérant que je fait tant du gn que de la lamevive.
Learningasidraw Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Love your work, do you allow people to use your armours for reference on their art work?
ArtisansdAzure Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
yes and please send us a note when you expose them for us to see them too ;)
Learningasidraw Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Definitely! Thank you!
thevalkyriebladesman Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Your armor work is amazing! I cannot articulate(well, express through text) how awesome your work is. I would favorite them all, but I don't quite have the perseverance. Maybe dA should add a "Fave All" button...
ArtisansdAzure Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Hehe thanks we always like compliment like this
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
:iconfemaleexcellence: Join us ! :D .... monthly art promotion awaits those with great art ! :#1:
If you do so, please submit to the correct category and do not forget about the rules. :aww:
Datero Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Professional Artist
hey hey merci pour le watch
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